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Enhance your driving experience with Aquapel glass treatment at Sumas Auto Glass in Abbotsford. Gain unparalleled clarity with this innovative treatment, which repels rain and significantly improves your vision, ensuring safer driving in adverse weather conditions. Aquapel also facilitates the removal of ice, snow, and dirt, preserving your windshield’s pristine condition. It effectively reduces nighttime glare in the rain and helps minimize the appearance of water marks that can stain your glass. With durability that lasts 6-8 months per application, Aquapel is a wise investment for your vehicle. Experience the benefits for yourself at only $25 for the windshield or $60 for all windows, and drive with confidence no matter the weather.

View through a rain-drenched car windshield with blurred traffic lights.


Aquapel treatment offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your driving experience:

  •  By repelling rain, Aquapel improves your vision in wet conditions. This can be especially valuable during heavy rainfalls where traditional wipers may not be enough.

  • Aquapel makes it easier to remove ice, snow, and dirt from your windshield, which can save you time and effort when cleaning your vehicle.

  • Driving at night or during rain can cause glare, which is reduced with Aquapel, making nighttime driving safer.

  •  It helps minimize the etching of water spots and marks on the glass, keeping your windshield clearer and more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Ultimately, the main benefit of Aquapel is safety. By providing a clearer view of the road in various conditions, it helps you to react faster to road hazards, which can be lifesaving.

For a relatively small investment, Aquapel treatment adds a layer of protection and convenience that not only enhances the look of your vehicle but also contributes to safer driving conditions.

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